Dublin’s Pool Contractors

Summer is coming and you know what that means—swimming season! It’s time to open for pool season, or if you’ve been dreaming of it, finally get around to installing that custom pool in your back yard.

At Aqua Hero, we’re passionate about summer and about creating beautiful inground or aboveground pools that you, your friends, and family can enjoy not only this summer but for all the ones after.

Being a pool owner in Dublin doesn’t simply consist of having a great pool in your yard, it also consists of opening it up properly for the season, performing the right maintenance and closing it down when summer ends. Our dedicated team are equipped to handle all of these tasks, and at competitive rates as well!

Quality New Pool Construction

Residential pool construction, commercial pools, inground, or aboveground, at Aqua Hero we’ve done it all, and have the references to show for it. When you take a look through our portfolio you’ll see many custom pools that we’ve installed all around Dublin.

When you’re looking for pool contractors, make us your first call. We’ll be happy to show you the work we’ve done, tell you about our relationships within other industries that can help you with constructing pool surrounds, and talk about our eco-friendly options!

Opening Your Pool

If your backyard or facility is already outfitted with a pool, we’d be happy to open it for the season. We’ll clear it of debris, remove the cover and store it, re-install decking equipment, set up the filter and pump, and fill your pool with fresh water! Then all that’s left to do is turn on the power and you’re all set for the summer.

A custom pool is a great thing to have, but when it’s not opened, closed, and maintained properly, you can have quite the mess on your hands, and in some cases a dangerous situation.

Closing Your Pool

While everyone in Dublin is a fan of summer including us, when it comes to an end someone’s got to prepare your pool for the colder seasons. We’ll check the chemical balances of the water to prevent it from becoming too corrosive in the off-season, remove debris, add algaecide, clean the filtration system, shut off the filter pump, then finally cover and secure the pool.

Closing your pool properly will ensure that when summer rolls around again, you’ll be all set to enjoy it to its fullest!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pool Contractors

When you’re looking for new pool construction services in Dublin, or a team who can perform maintenance and repairs, and open and close your pool for the season, give Aqua Hero a call.

Our team has been in the industry for years and has the experience and skill needed to supply all of your pool installation and up-keep needs.

Pools are the best yard or facility accessory you can have in the summer. So help us build you a beautiful one, and then keep it looking brand new throughout the years. Give us a call today for your free estimate of services!